Senior Science Capstone

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It is a great honor to chaperone your creative thoughts and desire to give something worthwhile to mankind.  This is science, and in the Beacon Science Capstone course, you will make a scientific "finding." 

Science is process.  Discovery is rarely a decision.  More likely, discovery happens as a consequence of developing your curiosity, having an ear tuned to what mankind needs, and relevant study.  Alexander Fleming could have thrown Penicillin away, but he was fascinated with an observation he made, which resulted from a laboratory mistake.  Albert Einstein loved the process of thought, and conducted "thought experiments," much as philosophers (e.g., Rawls) have done.  Science requires heterogeneous approaches, and therefore, according to accomplished scientists, is "an art."

In the capstone curricula, you will be given time for "process." 

However, even noble laureates sweat a bit when they have to write a grant, and they still must apply for funding to conduct their research.  Overall, you will be spared the expense of sweat, but you will be expected to reach milestones that are placed along a research path.  You will blaze the trail, but your path must intersect the following milestones:

There are 32 meetings.

1) Derivation of a hypothesis. Due: early October. (early February if a spring student) an exact date will be given.
2) Participation in seminar meetings . Due: throughout.
3) 3 page literature review. Due: early November. (early March if a spring student) an exact date will be given.
4) Final project paper. Due: early December. (early May if a spring student) an exact date will be given.
5) Final presentation and project. Due: mid-November. (mid March if a spring student) an exact date will be given.

6) Mentorship with a science teacher. Due: throughout.


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