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If you are considering a science-fair project, wonderful!

When I was considering science-fair projects that students might do, I jotted-down a few ideas here.  Many students like to come up with their own ideas, and although it is always best to study what is interesting to you, it also helps to listen to the questions that other people ask...maybe some of my thoughts will help spark your research idea.  Please feel free to email me ( your thoughts at anytime. 


Culture samples from subway handrails.  What microbes are growing in such a public place?

Study the epidemiology of itch.

If students received a flu vaccine, did they catch a cold or respond to the vaccine?

Does blowing on coffee help cool the liquid? At what rate? What happens to the rate depending on how fast the air moves?

Are individuals susceptible to morning sickness also susceptible to motion sickness? (Does the mind have physiological effects on the health of the body?)

Pigeons have been seen flying in circles, over and over (in NYC), and perhaps other pigeons are joining them.  Have you ever seen this happen?  Does this happen often?  Why do you think pigeons might do this?

When is bioluminescence seen near Cape Cod?  Where in the boat's trail are these glows witnessed?  Does the moving water seem to stimulate the bioluminescence? 

The physics of Fizz: what is the best way to pour a soda without getting bubbles?  What is the consequences of the glass being dirty?  What is the effects of the glass shape, and how much liquid is in the glass before you begin pouring? 

How much does a person's weight change during the day?  Are these shifts in body-mass related to age and gender? 

How does changing the mixture concentrations in epoxy affect the properties of epoxy?

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