Science Seminar Examples



These PowerPoint presentations are also linked from the student publication, Beacon Science volume 2, if you have a copy.

Why polarizing lens can improve photo quality

Mycobacteriophage interactions

Finding soil phage and the study of phage resistance

Pollution effects on cloud formation, density and movement

Type II diabetes management of a marathon runner

The effects of sound on reading comprehension, study habits, and short-term memory

Swimcaps change swimmer speed

Salt: the effect on boiling and freezing point depression in water

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and diet

Beach water pollution in New York

The effects of the vestibular system, vision, and proprioception on balance

Colorized video changes heart rate and blood pressure

Heart and allergy medications alter Daphnia heart rate

Cancer genealogy of a family

pH and temperature dependent anthocyanin spectra

Aqueous lead concentrations in New York City building water

Music and silence alter reading comprehension test success and rate