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Summer Diary:  An account of our summer research experience from an experimental log-book perspective.  This diary references the protocols that we employed and includes some of our results.  Data, tips, student original work, phage biology content and experimental recommendations are found here.1

Phage Reading: Online resources that pay respect to phage biology are abundant.  I have some outstanding resources here, and will continue to add more. 

Phage Vocabulary and Notes:  At first, phage research may seem daunting.  After all, these are microorganisms studied by professional scientists, right?  Actually, phages can be very simple to understand and work with.  Here are some phage vocabulary words to help us discover and describe phages.  Additional notes and important concepts, many delivered by Dr. Jacobs, can be found in our Phagefinders 2003 summer diary. 

Phage Methods: These methods allow for the isolation and study of unique mycobacteriophage. 

Our Phage Samples: a record of our sample library that we collected this past summer. 

Phagefinders 2003 discoveries, by student name (not all of the student findings are posted, just some)1:

Amanda        Blake        Chiara        Chris        Demi        Genevieve        Kristen        Lazlo        Stephen

(These students findings are shown as separate entities herein.  Their data has been analyzed differently in a manuscript to be submitted to the American Biology Teacher.  This manuscript amplifies the effectiveness of this website.) 

1Due to the following policy, as indicated (for example) by the American Society of Microbiology Scientific Journals, some data regarding our scientific outcomes is omitted from this diary.  These data are to be submitted to scientific journals, and therefore cannot be posted online because of this policy from The Journal of Infection and Immunity : "Posting of a limited amount of original data on a personal/university/company website or websites of small collaborative groups working on a problem does not preclude subsequent submission to, and publication by, an ASM journal.  The posted data, however, may not constitute the substance of the submission..... Ultimately it is the editorial decision whether the material constitutes the substance of a paper." 


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