Participation Score Rubric:
Participation scores are determined on a quarterly basis in chemistry.

Only outstanding behavior is deserving of a participation score of 100%.  Near perfect attendance, enthusiasm for Chemistry, and a high degree of preparation and contribution to the class is required.  These contributions must be timely, appropriate, charismatic, and demonstrate a high degree of consideration for the learning environment.

With no unexcused absences and minimal tardiness, very good attentiveness and excellent participation in laboratory activities and contributions to the learning environment, a student will receive a participation score of 95%.

With only 1 unexcused absence and minimal tardiness, good attentiveness and good participation in classroom activities, a student will receive a participation score of 90%.

Tutoring can enhance a students participation score.

A few unexcused absences and/or some tardiness drops a participation score to a participation score of 85%.

Excessive unexcused absences (i.e. 3 in a quarter) , tardiness (i.e. 5 in a quarter) and/or a degree of classroom interruption will drop the participation score to a participation score of 75%.

An excessive number of bathroom visits, (e.g. 3 per quarter) without a private explanation for the reason, will drop the participation score 5%.  There is a very high correlation with bathroom visits and performance, according to the data resulting from our bathroom sign-out sheet. 

A high degree of absences, tardiness and/or classroom interruption can drop a participation to a participation score of failing (55%).  Inattentiveness alone can drop a participation score to D (65%) but no further, and this would be an extreme case.
Lack of participation in laboratory and classroom activities can drop a participation score to failing.

Distracting other students during the class with content that is not related to chemistry can drop the participation score to failing, depending on the frequency and nature of the distraction.  In general, if I have to stop teaching the class because of your conversation that is not related to chemistry, you will lose a participation point.  Please have no fear of the participation scoring system, I score this rubric in the favor of the student and for the benefit of the classroom dynamic.  I make every effort to generate your participation score in a completely unbiased manner.  You can always talk to me during tutoring or by email (preferred) if you believe your participation score is unfair. 


I calculate participation grades every quarter.  If I have your email, you will receive your participation score by email every 1/8th of the year: quarter grades are final, grades between quarters are not yet final but are very indicative of how the quarter grade will be.