Letter of Recommendation Questions.

Dear Student,

I have the following questions for you to answer, to help me write a letter of recommendation for you:

Please tell me:

Why do you want to go to college?


How are you a unique student?


How are other people important in your life?


Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Any idea what you might be?


What did you do with your summer vacations during high school?


Do you or have you participated in any after school activities?


What is your strongest attribute as a student?


As a student, how do you think you need to improve?


My job is to sell you as best as I can. Keep in mind that I compose accurate letters of recommendation, because honest letters are the most persuasive.

My email is schwebac@yahoo.com, and it is probably fastest for you to type your answers to these questions and email them to me. If you prefer, you can place a written response in my mailbox, "Schwebach, " in the main office of Beacon.