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These web sites are relevant to our studies.  Pay special attention to the hyperlinks associated with a chapter in your book.  Student recommended hyperlinks, not all of which are about chemistry, are at the bottom of the page.

Unfortunately, some links on this page are currently "dead," and some have been removed so the list is shortened. I will update this page when I get back to working directly in classrooms.

bulletSearch the Web - A Google search is a great way to "ask a question" about chemistry.  Use several sources to verify your information.  Do you know what a Boolean operator is?
bulletHigh School Chemistry Help- This site is a resource for many topics we will be covering in class.  I encourage you to identify the concepts you need help with, and use these pages. Keep in mind that we cover some of these topics differently. 
bulletHigh School Chemistry Help
bulletChapter 1 Helpful Hyperlinks.
bullet Truth and Proof in Science Spend 2 minutes on this reading.  Why did the author use this picture?
bullet Hydrogen Combustion  this type of combustion doesn't burn carbon. 
bullet Just who was Berzelius? 
bullet An introduction to John Dalton.
bulletChapter 3 Helpful Hyperlinks.
bullet Shockwave on your computer?  Great help with how to do conversions.
bullet Practice your Temperature Conversions.
bullet The MegaConverter-find a conversion factor for anything.
bullet Check your ability to determine the # of significant digits in a number.
bulletChapter 4 Helpful Hyperlinks.
bullet Electrons
bullet Atoms
bullet The scientists who described the atom
bullet Millikan's oil drop experiment-this is about the charge of the electron.  Experiment Explanation.
bullet Neutrons
bullet Protons
bulletChapter 5 Hyperlinks.
bulletChapter 7 Hyperlinks.
bullet Types of Inorganic Chemical Reactions
bulletGlobal Warming Project Hyperlinks.
bullet The great ice mystery.
bulletGlobal Warming.
bullet Why floods can happen.
bullet Scientific uncertainty and global warming.
bullet News article: burning peat and global warming.
bullet The Ocean and Global Warming:  A NASA description.
bullet Ozone Depletion: an article by the National Research Council. (PDF)  (HTML version here)

Chapter 9 Hyperlinks.
bullet Even Ozone is an allotrope.

bulletChapter 10 Hyperlinks.
bullet Thermochemistry Wizard-find specific heat data on metals, for example.
bulletChapter 12 Hyperlinks.
bullet VERY cool orbitals at ORBITRON. 

bulletStudent Hyperlinks.
bullet Daniel's interest in Forensic Pathology.
bullet Magnetic Resonance Imagining-Explained by the National Research Council






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