Finding Literature


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American Family Physician Credible medical information at your fingertips. 

Pubmed  Allows searching for specific medical articles.  Need an article?    Try the following words to search for an article: Keyword, Keyword, review     [Use the commas and substite "Keyword" for your choice word.]

Natural History Magazine  General biology and natural history. 

PLOS Biology  Free access to leading biomedical research.  Take a look, if the article is too far over our heads, skip it.  Certainly your article will be a bit over our heads, though.  We'll have to come to understand the article together.   

The American Biology Teacher Annual Index  I'll have to get these articles for you, but if you have a biology project, it is a great idea to scan the last few annual index years for topics that are related to you.  Why look rather than search?  These articles are hard to find, otherwise, and are extraordinarily helpful if you get a match. 


Journal of Chemical Education [search page] This is where your science teachers get can too. 


Integrated Science:

Issues in Science and Technology Online:  Looking for the Why? in science, or are you interested in policy?  This website will help you come with some ideas to consider regarding your project.

Science Online  The leading US scientific publication.  Look for News articles.  I can get full length articles for you upon request. 

Science News Online  Leading news and perspective on relevant science stuff.  Need an old article? Your library card subscription will give you access, as it also will to Scientific American articles that otherwise won't be accessible. 

The Science Times  Yep, the NY Times Newspaper has citable science within.  You may now need to sign up for a free online account.