Environmental Sample Library

These are the samples we collected during the summer of 2003.  The American Biology Teacher (ABT) Manuscript (in preparation) indicates which samples contained phage.  The intent of this list, for the Jacobs lab, at least, is to identify the soil samples that have been collected.  For readers of the ABT manuscsript, this list will help you identify potential locations to find phage. 

Sample   Obtained from  Abbreviation   Date     Student       Location                             Environment 

1             Botanical Gardens   BG1-03-1         7/8/03   Chris          Under Japanese Silverbell.                  Dry          

2             Botanical Gardens   BG2-03-2         7/8/03   Amanda      Next to Bear Cave                              Dry            

3             Botanical Gardens   BG3-03-3         7/8/03   Kristen       Under Rosa Remember me                   Dry            

4             Botanical Gardens   BG4-03-4         7/8/03   Amanda      Under needles of Metasequoia             Moist

5             Botanical Gardens   BG5-03-5         7/8/03   Steve        Under Malus Baccata                            Moist 

6             Botanical Gardens   BG6-03-6         7/8/03   Amanda      Near Calathein lietzel                          Moist

7             Botanical Gardens    BG7-03-7        7/8/03   Chiara        Potted Mango Tree                             Moist

8             Botanical Gardens   BG8-03-8         7/8/03  Steve          Under Coffee Tree                              Moist

9            Canada                   CKCA-03-9       6/28/03  Chiara       Canada Parking Lot?                             Cold

10           CIT Basement         CKMAC-03-10    6/29/03 Chiara        Canada, Adirondacks                            Cold 

11           Pelham                  P1-03-11           7/10/03 Kristen       top soil from under a tree                    Moist          

12           Herring Cove          HC-03-12          7/5/03   Lazlo         From road next to beach                      Dry

13          P-Town Visitor         PT-1-13            7/2/03   Lazlo         In front of visitor center                      Moist

14           New Rochelle         NR1-03-14         7/7/03   Stephen     Backyard near bush                              Dry

15           P-Town Inn             PT-2-15            7/7/03   Lazlo         Sand road in front of Inn                        Dry

16           Beach Forrest         BF-03-16           6/8/03  Lazlo         Near pond w/ geese                               Wet

17           New Rochelle          NR2-03-17      7/17/03   Stephen     Dog park                                              Dry

18           Sleepy H, NC         SHNC-03-18       7/17/03  Chris         under wet leaves in backyard                 Moist

19           Pigeon Bridge 1      PB-03-19        7/15/03    Chris         Under bridge near AECOM                      Damp

20           Chinchilla cage      CC1-03-19       7/15/03    Kristen      Inside Chinchilla cage                            Dry

21           Compost, Pelham   PCH-03-21      7/15/03    Kristen      Compost heap in Pelham                        Moist

22           Pigeon Bridge 2      PB-03-22        7/15/03    Group       Under bridge near AECOM                       Damp

23           Albany Flower Pot  AL-03-23        7/6/03      Reid          From a outside flower pot                      Dry

24           Sand Creek, NC     SCNC-03-24     7/16/03    Amanda     creek near sand                                     Moist

25           Skunk Cabge, NC   SKNC-03-25    7/16/03     Amanda      under skunk cabbage                              Moist

26           Park soil, NC         PSNC-03-26    7/16/03     Amanda      open field near birds                             Dry

27           Creek, NC             SHNC-03-27    7/20/03    Chris          creek in backyard                                  Wet

28           4th Fl.Forch.        DFMuk-03-28  7/18/03    Chiara          Water fountain in AECOM                       Moist

29           Fish Tank, Pel        FTP-03-29      7/22/03    Kristen       water from fish tank                              Wet

30           Δ Tomatoes, NJ    ΔTNJ-03-30     7/19/03    Amanda       Near Tomato Garden                             Dry + Clump

31           BAltAirshaft,NYC    Air-03-31       7/23/03    Lazlo          Bottom of B Altmans Airshaft                  Damp

32          s5,central park       CPNYC-03-32   7/25/03   Genevieve  Inside tree SW of reservoir                    Moist

33          s1,garden,DobbsF. DFG-03-33       7/20/03    Genevieve near pansies                                          Moist

34          s2,yard-Kristen,Pel PY-03-34         7/10/03    Kristen       Unknown                                              Unknown

35          s3,rainwater,DF    DFR-03-35        7/20/03    Genevieve  From Rainwater                                    Wet

36          s4,park-lot,DF       DFP-03-36        7/28/03    Genevieve From parking lot                                    Wet

37          Woodchip, CP        CP2-03-37        7/25/03     Lazlo       Inside woodchip pile in 81st street         Moist

38          SW reservoir, CP    CP5-03-38        7/25/03     Lazlo       Under rock SW of reservoir                    Moist

39           w100 NYC            W100-03-39       7/24/03     Chiara     West 100th Sidewalk                             Unknown

40           pentwater, MI     PMI-03-40          7/31/03    Kristen       under soil under rotten tree                   Moist

41          saugetuck, MI       SMI-03-41          8/03/03    Kristen       under decomposing leaves pie                Moist

42          81st street entrance CP1-03-42       8/11/03    Lazlo        mud pile near entrance                           Moist  

43        Compost heap, NC          CRNC-03-43    8/7/03                 compost heap under rosebush               Moist  

44       Central park, Great lawn  CP3-03-44      8/12/03                Base of berry tree w/ weird bark          Moist

45       Central park, dog print     CP3-03-45      8/12/03                Mud w/ dog footprints near Great lawn  Moist