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Petri dishes containing M. smegmatis bacteria are shown below.  The spots are where phage have destroyed (lysed) bacteria.  We also have electron-micrographs (pictures at 50,000 magnification) and DNA analysis of these phage.  We would have posted these online, but we have found out that the scientific publication copyright on certain scientific journals (PDF file, search for the word "web" within) restricts us from this.

SHNC-03-27 F2                                        BG1-03-1 F2


SHNC-03-18 F2                            SHNC-03-27 F3 37C v RT


SHNC-03-27 F3 37C v RT


SHNC-03-27 and BG1-03-1 have some extremely interesting relationships with each other that cannot be discussed here further (discoveries, that quite honestly, an astute teacher could have identified using restriction enzyme digestion), on account of scientific publication copyright on certain scientific journals

SHNC-03-18 [has been DNA digested, has been sent to EM]  was Chris's first phage, note that 2 plaque morphologies are evident.  It has been purified and this result repeats.  This also happened for BG1-03-1 (above), so we have become accustomed to to these variations. 

The SHNC-03-27 F 37C v RT growth experiment, photographed on 8-4-03 (see image with 2 plates above) showed more plaques at RT than at 37C, indicating that the phage is probably more adapted to RT than 37C growth.  Larger plaque sizes were apparent at the higher temperature.