Comprehensive work list for chapter 7.

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HW 7.1   This assignment is the first  handout that you received regarding the determination of chemical reaction type (combination, decomposition, single replacement, double replacement, combustion), and was an in-class exercise.  If absent, see Mr. Schwebach for a copy of this assignment. 

Lab 7.1 (PDF Online).  This lab explores the 5 types of chemical reactions.

HW 7.2a  (VALUE: 15 points) This handout polishes our ability to balance chemical reactions.  At this time, please see Mr. Schwebach for a copy of this handout.

HW 7.2b  (VALUE: 5 points) Combustion reactions: Combust these organic compounds, balancing each reaction:  (1) CH4 , (2) C6H5OH, (3) C2H6 (4) C4H8 , (5) C6H12O6 , (6) C8H18 , (7) C6H6 .  Please box the coefficients that are in the front of each product and reactant for your answers. 

Lab 7.2 (PDF Online). This lab involves double replacement reactions and their balanced equations.