Comprehensive work list for chapter 5.

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Essential Tool: Nomenclature Table

Chapter 5 Reader.  Read Ch. 5, exclude pgs. 116-117 until Day 3.  Keep in mind that we are not using all the vocabulary within the chapter.  We will not cover pgs. 130-132 until about Day 4.  Do not read about naming common acids, pg. 133 (acids will confuse us at this stage), this will be confusing at this stage.   


HW 5.1 Writing formulas from ionic compound written names. (PDF Online).  In this Homework, we determined the ions and charges of the ions that belong within the written name of a compound.  This allowed us to make the formula name. 

HW 5.2 Writing "written names" for ionic compounds (salts) and molecules (binary compounds).  (PDF Online).

Lab 5.1 Ion test lab.  (PDF Online).  In this lab, we used a battery of chemical tests to determine the composition of unknown substance(s), and this analysis required an understanding of ionic nomenclature. 

Lab 5.2 Writing formulas from chemical reactions.  (PDF Online).  In this lab, we observed reactions of chemicals, as they made a colorful precipitate on a lab paper.  We then named the products. 


The test will assess your ability to use chemical formula and nomenclature to name either ionic compounds or molecules (we are not covering acids in chapter 5).    



Not done in 2003:

HW 5.1: there are 2 parts: word list. = Chapter 5 Homework 1 part A.Chapter 5, page 136.  Problems 32-35, 37, 39, 40, 41, 46, 48, 49.

"Lab 14."  (Law of Definite Proportions).  We will do this lab on 11/7/02.