Comprehensive work list for chapters 14, 15.

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HW. 14.1 =   Chapter 14 Homework 1.  HW problems 18-40 at the back of chapter 14.

HW. 15.1 =   Chapter 15 Homework 1.  Lewis dot structure handout.  This is a 2 sided handout, wherein the student draws Lewis dot structures for CH4, CCl4, CO2, CO, BCL3, PCL5, O3, and other molecules. 

 L 14.1 =   Lab 14.1  This lab has a picture of a beaker with a nearby battery-pack; wires from the batteries go into the beaker.  In this lab we used power packs to test the conductivity of aqueous solutions in order to examine properties of ionic and covalent compounds.

 L 14.2 =   Lab 14.2  The name of the handout is Comparing Covalent and Ionic Compounds. 

 L 15.2 =   Lab 15.2  Molecular Model Building Lab.  This lab is named Experiment 26, Model Building.  In this experiment, the student drew the constructed ball and stick models that his or her lab-group built.