Comprehensive work list for chapter 13.

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This page can be found on the "calendar and assignments" section of    You must be aware of when these materials are due, and frequent this page for due date adjustments. 

Due {D, G, B, A band: 4/14/03 (Mon)}  HW. 13.1 =   Chapter 13 Homework 1.  The first 20 problems at the back of chapter 13.

Due {D, G, B, A band: 4/14/03 (Mon)}  L 13.1 =   Lab 13.1  This is the lab on the reactivities of specific metals.  We determined the amount of precipitation product yielded by reacting various metals and polyatomic ion containing compounds in a plastic microplate.  The reactions were then compared for the amount and color of precipitation.  The lab is identified by being a single page with a table at the very bottom.