Work list for chapter 11, as we go.

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This page can be found on the "calendar and assignments" section of    You must be aware of when these materials are due, and frequent this page for due date adjustments. 

 HW. 11.1 =   Chapter 11 Homework 1.  This handout has about 10 problems and is not labeled a homework assignment; this handout was given the first day we began our chapter 10 studies.  It uses the combined gas law.    11.1 homework hyperlink-I'm online!

HW. 11.2 =   Chapter 11 Homework 2.  This handout also has about 10 problems and has been labeled HW 11.2;  It is also about the combined gas law but the student also needs to be able to identify when to use the ideal gas law.

L 11.1  derivation of R using CO2.  Handout in class.

L 11.2 graham's law. Handout in class.

L 11.3 charles law. Handout in class.