Comprehensive work list for chapter 10.

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This page can be found on the "calendar and assignments" section of    You must be aware of when these materials are due, and frequent this page for due date adjustments. 

HW 10.1 = Chapter 10 Homework 1. (PDF online)  HW is about calories, joules and specific heat calculations.

HW 10.2 = Chapter 10 Homework 1.  (PDF online) HW is about heat of fusion, heat of vaporization and heat of reaction.

Lab 10.1 = heat capacity.  (PDF online) This lab was about the compared heat capacity of water, a metal and a stone.


Lab 10.2 =  specific heat capacity.  This lab was about the determined heat capacity of a metal.

Lab 10.3 = heat of fusion.  This lab was about the determined heat of fusion of ice.

Lab 10.4 =  heat of solution.  This lab was about the heats of solution of several compared ionizations.