Chapter 4 Comprehensive Work List.

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Homework 4.1    Chapter 4, Problems 22-36, page 103-104.  In addition, a "Chart of Discoverers" Needs to be made, with a maximum size of one page, and must be the completed version of this table:

Discoverer:                    Contribution.                              Approximate Year discovery made.








Use Chapter 4, the chapter 4 hyperlinks of, or a google search to make your chart. 

Handout 4.A (PDF online) This in-class work sheet was used to calculate the percent abundance of various isotopes. 

Homework 4.2. (PDF online) This second Homework assignment concerns isotope calculations. 

Lab 4.1 (PDF online) We tested various objects for static charge, and studied the flow of electrons in context of atomic theory. 

Lab 4.2 (PDF online) We demonstrated Rutherford's gold foil experiment and learned about nuclear theory. 

Review Handout (PDF online) Although this handout does not cover all skills, it targets central concepts.