Chapter 3 Work List.

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Handout to Accompany Our Class-work(PDF online) The only way to participate and prepare for this chapters exam. 

Calculator Letter(PDF online) All students are required to have a scientific calculator for chemistry. 


Homework 3.1. (PDF online) This first Homework Assignment uses applied conversion factors to solve practical and real-world problems. 

Homework 3.2 and class work. (PDF online) This second Homework Assignment is geared to help you perform well on your exam. 

Shockwave on your computer?  Great help with how to do conversions.

Lab 3.1: (PDF online) This laboratory uses student derived methodologies to determine the density of various substances. 

Lab 3.2: (PDF online) This laboratory uses Alka-Seltzer when determining the volume and density of carbon dioxide.

Teachers Notes: 

Not doing in 2003:

Lab 4     ("Chemistry Experiment 6") Density of Solids.  We determined the density of several solids, using Archimedes' principle. 

Lab 5     (''Chemistry Experiment #7") Density of Liquids (Archimedes) Lab.  We determined the different densities of various liquids.