Chapter 1 Comprehensive Work List.

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Homework 1.1    Chapter 1, problems 24-38, page 22-23.  (Typed responses = smaller notebook)

Homework 1.2    Chapter 1, problems 39-52, page 23-24.  (Typed responses = smaller notebook)

Notebook POE's:       

Burning of Magnesium vrs. Aluminum.

Burning of Napthol or water. 

Mixing of Food Coloring into a round-bottom flask. 

Explosion of a Hydrogen Balloon.


Lab 1.2    Physical and Chemical Changes lab.  We determined whether various changes were chemical or physical.  L1.2 homework hyperlink-I'm online!

Lab 1.3    Chemistry Experiment #3.  Separating a Mixture of three solids.  We separated the various parts of a mixture, using the physical properties of the components of the mixture.     L1.3 homework hyperlink-I'm online!

Teachers Notes:

 In 2003, we did not do Lab 1.1 (actual lab is not numbered) Chemical observation lab.  We made various observations and derived hypothesis about physical changes and chemical reactions. The front of this lab has a table named "Data Record.  Table 1.1 Table of Observations.