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*gloves are recommended based on the current condition of the room.

*"/" indicates double clicking onto the folder that has the name previous to the "/"

1. Insert zip disk into zip drive on-top of the computer.

2. Make sure UV light is switched off (o) on the box next to monitor.

3. Insert plate or DNA gel into the box next to monitor.

4. Center the plate or DNA gel in the box so it appears in the center of the monitor screen.

    4a. If a plaque is being photographed turn on (I) the white light .

    4b. If DNA gel is being run, switch UV light to on (I) after inserting the gel. UV light is dangerous and should never be on without eye protection on.

5. Adjust the contrast (top dial), and zoom (second dial) on the top of the box so the picture in the monitor shows all of the plaques/DNA inside.

    5a. If DNA is being run, UV length must be set in the program.

6. Go to file/save as... then go into the removable drive (E:\) and save the file into the following format:


Example: Lazlo would save an image of a plaque into:


File Name should be:


Example: A second generation plate containing a phage from Central Park from 2004 recorded as #42B in the database would be saved as:


7. Go to File/close image to return to live feed. Repeat step's 3-7 for each addition plaque/gel.